My 30 day sketch challenge - Days 1 thru 7

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My 30 day sketch challenge - Days 1 thru 7

Sketching is a huge part of design and is a great way to gain inspiration, or get through a sticking point in a design project. I feel like a lot of designers forget how helpful a sketch pad can be to the quality of work we do.

My wife happens to be an artist and graduated from Westminster college with a fine arts degree, and she is an amazing artist… She recently started a 30 day sketch challenge where she will do a simple sketch everyday for 30 days. I was impressed by what she has done and decided it looked like fun, so I have challenged myself to do the same. I quickly realized that I am out of practice and my sketching isn’t what it used to be… So for 30 days I’m going to post what I do, whether my sketches look terrible or not.

Here are days 1 through 7…

Sketch1 3

One of my passions in life has been cycling… If you are a cyclist you might recognize the great Peter Sagan, and the Tour De France Devil.

Sketch4 6

A Chukar Partridge… a great upland bird in the high deserts, and a son of a gun to hunt.

Sketch7 9

Another love of mine is my dog, Jackson. Best dog ever, and great hunting partner.

So yeah, the sketches are rough, but it’s been nice unplugging once in a while and taking time to sketch. Even if you are not good at it and don’t consider yourself an artist, it’s a great way to relax and let your creative side work with out too much effort.

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