30 Day Sketch Challenge (Days 7-14... kind of)

30 Day Sketch Challenge (Days 7-14... kind of)

This is harder that I thought it would be to keep up with… I’ve got to get myself back on track. One of the hardest things about keeping a goal or challenge is following through with it, and not losing sight of why you are doing it.

Why do a 30 day sketch challenge? For me, it is a way to get back to the root of creativity, and I’d like to improve my artistic ability… It is also very relaxing and gets me off my iPhone.

I don’t know what to say about these and don’t know why anyone would be interested in this, but I mostly sat down and started sketching whatever I felt like sketching… I’m pretty embarrassed to post some of this stuff, but hopefully we’ll see an improvement in the future.

Sketch10 12 Sketch13 15 Sketch16 18

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